Sunday, 19 January 2014


What an...interesting year 2013 was for me. As with my previous years blogging, I tend to write very little when I'm not having much fun. This can be seen by just 2 entries for the entire year; one laying out my resolutions and then a random blog comparing BJJ to poker.

My blogs have always been poker-related. This was the reason I started blogging, and most of my network are poker players. Without any real poker content, I tend to not write. However, now poker has become such a small part of my life, yet I still have the hunger to write, I've decided to reinvent my blog and my choices for writing.

So, from now on, I'm going to write about absolutely anything I want. Be it reviewing a movie, laying out my views on something controversial, reporting on something exciting I've been doing, or even writing some fiction, if I get the urge to write I will. Writing blogs helped launch my career, connect me to lots of interesting people, and help me make sense of things when the going got tough. I look forward to what the future might now bring when spreading an even wider net.

However, for now I feel I should do the obligatory new year post, as it does help put things into perspective.

So firstly, why was this year not so fun? Most of it comes down to my career, as in it's hit a dead end. I've been left contemplating whether I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing, and if I wanted to do something else, do I have the skills? Do I have time to learn new things again? Do I even want to go through all of that? It's quite stressful.

This is one of the reasons I've made the changes and commitment to this blog, to try and understand what exactly I'd like to do. I'm hoping that through writing and exploring some of the many ideas I get, something will click, or an opportunity will present itself.

So, here are the goals I gave myself last year, and a quick look at if I achieved them or not.

1. Get settled with Anna. We are looking for a place, but it's not easy.

Done! We have moved a couple of times now but have settled in a lovely little bungalow and are very happy.

2. Get my dream job. I'm at touching distance right now.

FAILED. This one has been a disaster.

3. Get fucking strong. I've started to really enjoy powerlifting, have bought a power rack and some heavy weights, so time to get big.

Done! Whilst I might have been a little enthusiastic when writing this, I have kept up with my lifting and am much stronger than I as last year.

4. Get at least 2 stripes on my White Belt. My new BJJ academy is notoriously tough at promotions, so this one will be hard!

Done! Very surprised with this one, but I did receive two stripes, one in August and the other in December, from head coach Wilson Junior, which was a great honour.

5. Compete at least once. I can't wait to enter a BJJ competition, it will be a huge rush.

FAILED. For one reason or another, or just nerves. But I have just entered a competition which takes place in March, so this will be done by this year.

6. Get much fitter. This will come from spending a lot of times sparring and playing more squash.

Done! I had to stop squash because of my elbow, but right now through a combination of pushing myself at BJJ and hitting the gym I'm the fittest I've ever been, and it feels great. I also dropped about 2 stone in 2013 and hope to lose a little more this year.

7. COMPLETE A CREATIVE PROJECT! I have an amazing musical idea I want to get cracking on, I just need some free brain space.

FAILED. As always my career got in the way of this, but to me that's a decent enough reason.

So for 2014 I'm going to outline two general goals.

1. Stay healthy. This includes my fitness, strength, keeping training hard at BJJ, the lot.
2. Don't be in the same career spot.

And that's it. I'm hoping these two things will spiral into lots of achievements, but right now I'm not quite sure what they are.

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