Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Blog: I'm back!

Wow, nearly 2 months since my last blog and lots to catch up on!

As most know the new position I was talking about in the last blog is with

My job title is Business Development Manager and I honestly couldn’t be happier with this. I had a few opportunities upon leaving my last job, but choosing with such a UK focused and innovate skin was a no brainer.

What does my job entail? Well it’s pretty much ‘what is says on the tin’, I’m going to be implementing and developing various parts of the business, both new and old. BlackBelt’s success means they have grown at a ridiculously fast rate so I’m going to help them take advantage of all their opportunities.

With that said, if anyone is interested in talking about event, club, society sponsorship, affiliate deals, private leagues/tournaments or any other type of partnership with BlackBeltPoker, drop me an email

A little about BlackBelt, we’re on the iPoker network which is easily the biggest network in the world. It’s also currently the 4th biggest site overall and regularly makes it to 3rd. That means you can log in any time of day and find the perfect game you want to play.

Our most exciting event coming up is Black Belt London Live II.

Join Black Belt Poker to register for the best value deepstack tournament in the UK! 400 players will compete for a $100,000 prize pool with a guaranteed first prize of $20,000 with up to 20% added to individual prizes and 20 bounties up for grabs.

This really is going to be a fun event, an absolute no brainer for players from the South and a serious consideration for those a little further afield!

Next blog I'll go into a little more detail about our grading system. BlackBelt is unique, instead of offering the regular boring bonuses we offer complete training and sponsorship packages. The best way to improve your game and play the tournaments you really want to enter.

I'm still not living in London. It's SO HARD to find somewhere decent to live! So much keeps changing too, 2 of us moving in, 3 of us moving in, job worries, and now Black Belt might be moving office. So I'm currently commuting from Reading, which even though is not too far, is really draining. I don't get home till late and hardly have any time to do anything, which is why this blog has been really hard to write!

The office move is a good thing though, the office in Camden is terrible. You wont be surprised to learn that it's an easyoffice, yes owned by easyjet! Just think of their flights, ok for once in a while but you wouldn't want to do them for 8 hours a day!

We viewed another office in Brentford which would mean a complete change in where I'm looking to live; I could realistically stay in Reading. I know I want to live in London, but to begin with I'd be happy to see how my finances work in Reading. But it doesn't matter as of this moment as no new office is sorted, so my accommodation search is temporarily on hold.

I have a nice little set up in the office.

I bought a few things to stay there: The monitor is a 19" Hanns G. I have a 28" at home which I love, but it's a little unnecessary for the office as I won't be watching movies or anything. The little 19" works fine and I just dual screen with the laptop which gives me about the same workspace at the 28.

The stand which is essential for all those working on a laptop, I can't emphasise that enough. The mouse mat is a SteelSeries QcK which is amazing for the price, works so well. Then I bring my mouse and keyboard with me which is no big deal. The one thing I was also going to invest in was a pair of Gunnar Optiks, which I think I've discussed before, however I was shown a program called F.lux which automatically dims the screen in the evening giving it the same yellowish tint as the Gunnars.

I have to say it's absolutely awesome, and even better, FREE! Since using computers for lots of hours I've always had terrible eye strain and headaches, which I now know is due to super bright screens in the evening. F.lux is like an eye massage at night, plus it's real exciting when it automatically activates, you know it's getting to the end of the day!

Next month Anna comes back to the UK and I'm SO EXCITED to see her again. She went back to the Philippines at the start of the year as her visa ran out and she wanted to decide what to do. She's going to come here and study which means we'll be able to spend a lot of time together. I've really missed her.

Something a little exciting came up; the other day I had an hour long chat with the BBC about possibly assisting them on a documentary about young gamblers. That would be great fun. Still early stages but I'll keep you updated.

Other than that it's just been grinding hard in the office. I'm super determined to succeed in this role and stay with the company for a long time. Hope you can all support me!

I'll leave you with an amazing piece of music. The Jurassic Park Theme Tune slowed down 1000%. Sounds crazy but it turns it into a beautiful orchestral ambient piece. Give it a go.