Monday, 25 October 2010

New Blog: Busy-ness

Things have gone from busy to mental over the last few weeks. Where to start!

After nearly a month since my last OnGame update things have continued to grow and we've FINALLY clawed back to where our traffic once was before things went tits up in Europe.

Congratulations to everyone from the network and may the line continue to go up! With regards to PokerIdol we're going from strength to strength right now. Our rake race was hugely popular last month, so much so some believed it too good to be true! For everyone who earned 1000 points but failed to make the top 40 leaderboard we arranged a $2000 freeroll with 20 places paid. We had 30 players qualify however only 12 turned up! That meant everyone was paid and more than they were supposed too! We've done the same rake race this month and we're expecting the same amount of qualifiers in the freeroll....however I'm sure more will turn up this time!

What about next month? Well, something big is happening with PokerIdol. You might of noticed this if you currently follow us on Facebook or if you logged into our client recently. We've gone through a complete brand overhaul, replacing the old blue theme to a much more red affair. In fact, here's a sneak peak of the new website:

Have a look and decide for yourself it all means. More details will be coming during the week before the site goes live. This will be the best way for you to prove which area of the game you're the best at. Bragging rights at the ready.

I've played one game of poker since Portsmouth and this was with the old Phat Dogs crew, after a call saying they were one short in the game closest to my house. Was great playing with the guys again, although I really noticed the difference in structure after playing some deep events. Just to think, it was a little over 3 years ago I arrived at their game, hands shaking, playing the highest standard I'd ever faced off against! It was good fun though and I came third for a mind blowing £10 profit, still nice to win something :)

My next poker is going to be the DTD Grand Prix this weekend. I'm playing the Friday so if anyone is going to be there let me know! Happy to slap a PokerIdol patch on you too, will have loads in my pocket.

Other than working hard with PokerIdol I've been devoting my time to my business projects. I've had to put the big one on hold I was speaking about before as another one needs to be launched ASAP. This one is super exciting and will be a second of its kind. Yes there is another company who has done a similar thing, but in a very amateur fashion. I'll bring some professionalism to this project and crush the competition. More news on that very soon!

Went to stay with Anna and her family this weekend gone and had a lovely time. They live right out in the country, near Canterbury. Was great seeing Anna again although it was over way too soon! We went to see Paranormal Activity 2 and I was unimpressed to say the least. I thought the first was very well done and genuinely scary however this time they just overdid it. A couple of decent jumps for sure (the kitchen one nearly killed me) but overall I thought it was very slow to start and never really took off. I look forward to the third one though, although I doubt I'll go see it in the cinema.

The last few times I've been I've had someone behind me really disturbing me. The last time at the Expendables it was a couple talking at normal volume and this time it was someone eating a LARGE packet of crisps. I mean, just bring in the nosiest snack to the cinema! While I'm a complete hypocrite and eat like a madman when I'm there, I don't see the need to have so much food when watching a film, I mean it's only a couple of hours (unless its some sort of LOTR 3 hour abortion). I hardly go anymore anyway, but I'm still going to cut my cinema going down to either films I have to see ASAP (Like Jackass 3D) or by going late at night when a films almost over, so the place is empty.

Speaking of eating like a madman, my weight continues to increase and I've decided to take drastic measures taking advantage of my many compulsive disorders. My one and only kept new years resolution was in 2006 when I vowed never to sprinkle salt on anything again. I'd pour it on anything to the point where a ham sandwich tasted bad without it! It was hard to begin with but slowly my taste buds redeveloped and food started tasting great without it. These days I could never add it, partly because I notice too much salt easily now and it spoils the taste, but mostly because I'd feel absolutely terrible for breaking such a feat.

So since last week I've given up the following.

  • Chocolate, on its own or something including it.
  • Creme, on its own or something including it.
  • Biscuits of any variety.
  • Small packets of crisps.
That's a lot of stuff but a sacrifice I'm happy to make. I can't have one biscuit but I'll have to eat the whole packet. I can't have one packet of crisps but several. I'm going to take this compulsive behaviour and use it for good! Sure those are some big things to cut out and I'm giving myself the chance to have them again in 5 years, but I'm definitely not going to miss them. It's already working, I'm passing up on all of them for the first time ever due to some crazy mental block I've now installed in my head. Now to get back to the gym!

I've just finished watching the complete Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is my new hero. I love how direct he is and how he speaks his mind. I know it's still a fictional character, but I definitely think including some of that no holds bar attitude into my own character would be beneficial, albeit in a more tasteful way. Oh, and the Jew-stare might be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Each one cracking me up for hours.

So now I need something else to watch. For now I'm watching some Star Trek: TNG episodes again. I don't care what anyone says, a classic series!

Today I finally got round to upgrading my hard drive. What a difference a few years make! It's lighter, over double the capacity (1TB over the old 400GB), smaller and even cheaper. I'll miss my old hard drive but I'm sure it's about to die and that would be a total disaster. Now I just need to decide how I'm going to transfer the data. This will not be fun.

Thanks again for reading, good luck and good night!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Blog: Grand

After a couple of years of trying and a couple of years of not trying I finally had my first 'official' tournament win.

(I've qualified 'official' but being over £50 and in a specific poker premises (won a couple of tournaments in bars but don't count them)). I'll get to the details in a minute but will first backtrack.

This week saw some more exciting news for the OnGame network as one of the biggest Entraction skins signed a contract to move their players over. This means one thing, more fish and lots of them. PokerIdol also started its October Rake Race with $14,000 in prizes ( If you've not tried the site yet, this really is the month to do it. Mail me today for details and deals

The Ryder cup was excellent, especially watched through my families 55inch 3D TV! An amazing machine and watching golf in 3D is great. They have some things to work out in the broadcast -- rain on the camera gave you a headache -- but overall it's definitely the future of TV. They also showed a bug documentary which is without a doubt the best bit of filming I've ever seen, totally knocking my block off.

My first live poker room review for GX Magazine came out last month without me realising, very exciting, I'm finally a printed journalist! This review was for the Circus in Stoke which I wrote after cashing the in £150 event they had:

For the next review I was invited down to 'Shuffles' in Portsmouth to play their £250, £10,000 main event. I was excited about this as most people I knew were off to London to play the EPT Charity event.

The journey to the club was without stress mostly to using Google Maps the night before. The last few journeys I've taken now I've looked on satellite and streetviews to get a visual of the area and to look for parking before I arrive. An extremely powerful tool!

The club itself was easy to find on the main road and I was let in early to meet the owner Jason, a very nice guy with a big passion for the club. I'll paste the review of the club in the next blog after it's been published.

I was confident when sitting down. While my game is always quite rusty as I don't play much these days, I've definitely been learning from the deeperstack tournaments I've played, namely being much more aggressive and opening much lighter. I started off well, hitting some big hands and by the first break I was upto 29K with the Ave being 16k:

I was actually upto around 35K, but 3-bet a button open from the BB as I thought he was weak. He wasn't an shoved over my c-bet.

I then got a little card dead and, I admit, a little nervous and had a few boring levels. Hit the second break with just over 32k with the average 30k:

Single towers are never good! Chips are light blue 25, yellow 100, red 500, green 1000 and blue 2000 -- a strange chip!

The next level I really started gaining momentum and before I knew it were were close to the final table, and money, bubble. I was the chip leader at the table and busted second in chips with KK vs JJ. Ended at the third break with 117K with the average being 60K:

Now THAT'S a chip stack. I busted one player and another busted from the other table, so we got to the final table. Going to paste my updates now from the site:

'Almost immediately after, chip leader Chris Edwards and fellow big stack Issa Ali got their chips all in on the turn. Chris with pocket 9's and Issa with A Q, the board showing A 9 3 2 and the river bringing a second ace. Issa places 8th, and wins £350.'

This guy was SUPER aggro, so was happy to bust him. That put me to chip leader for all but 2 hands! Another guy was busted leaving the best player on the table (, other than me of course, second in chips. Then this hand happened:

'The biggest and sickest pot since Shuffles opened last year, saw a 3 way all in on a 4H 2D 5H board. Current chip leader Chirs Edwards turns over pocket 2's for a set, while second chip leader Ryan Fronda turns over A 3, the second nut straight. Meanwhile Ali Morharrer has put his 80K stack in with A 7 of hearts, the nut flush draw. Innevitably, the 6 of hearts arrives immediately on the turn to give Ali the nuts. Ali wins the main pot, trippling up to become chip leader. However Ryan Fronda profits from the hand and now is a close second in chips. As a result of this hand, Chris Edwards drops from the chip lead, to less than 100K.'

That was quite frustrating but there's nothing I could do. Still pretty deep though so I continued pressing the action and had a nice double up:

'After very little action for the first few rounds after the break, Ali Morharrer doubles up Chris Edwards on a Q 3 J flop, Chris holding Q J and Ali A J.'

I then apparently busted someone else, although I don't remember this hand!

'The very next hand sees Andy Craddock pushing all in pre flop with K 10 and Chris Edwards calling with A 6. The board shows 2 6 2 J A, Chris winning the pot and Andy walking away with £750 in 5th place.'

We got down to three handed and I ended up flopping my 6th!! set of the tournament:

'Shortly after, there is a 25k raise from Ali, with a re-raise of £135k from Chris. Ali flat calls leaving himself only 30k behind, with the flop coming down 5 10 6. Chris goes all in on the flop with pocket 10's, top set, and Ali calls with A J. The turn and river comes Q 2 to see Ali leaving the final in 3rd place with £1600.'

I had roughly 3/1 in chips heads up but was exhausted (been playing 12 hours) so made a good deal for Ryan, £3900 for me and £3300 for him. Was happy to lock that up and go home.

A real nice win and I (obviously) had a great time. A very tired picture of me: (I didn't win with the deuces but for some reason we decided I should use them for the pic. 10's would of been the obvious choice but meh, we were all exhausted!)

So what now with that nice little cash injection? First things first, no it won't become my poker bankroll! I got lucky but still have no desire to play any more, it's going to go to better uses. The first was updating my work set up, buying a new monitor to replace the 32" Samsung TV which hurt my eyes too much. I settled on the 28" HanngG and absolutely love it. Great picture and great resolution, all for £250. I also bought a new mouse to replace the Magic Mouse which I didn't like. I settled on the Razer Orochi. Here is them installed and a better picture of both:

I'm going to get my car fully serviced, valeted and the stereo sorted (have most to go in, just need a sub and labour). I also want/need a new pair of headphones (Monster Beats) but will wait to see what the car costs are first, otherwise the Bose will last a bit longer.

The rest will go into my business as I was going to get a small business loan, but don't need to now. Exciting times for that still.

Have eaten out a couple of times this week with disastrous results. Firstly on Monday I ate at the Lebanese place we go to smoke Shisha. The food was good but the portion was tiny! Tuesday we went to 'Jamies', a new Italian restaurant with the Jamie Oliver name. He should be ashamed, the food was mediocre but the portions were smaller than Monday and the prices were ridiculous. I'm still hungry!

This weekend is going to be a bit of a lads one I think as Anna is not coming down and other gf's are away.

Thanks again for reading!