Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Blog: Memories

A blink of the eye and almost 20 days have passed!

Things are going from strength to strength with PokerIdol and the OnGame network. We continue to grow while others fall, making us one of if not the biggest 'secrets' in online poker! I say secret because most don't mention OnGame when discussing viable networks for grinding. That's fine, our client base are more regular, fish players, I'm sure the few grinders we do have don't want you disturbing the pond! Here is the OnGame traffic graph, almost back to normal:

The big dip was from losing France from the network, that one stung us all. However you can see we added two big new partners around the same time and since then the combined efforts of the skin has abled us to continue growing. If you want to see what you're missing out one, email me ( today for a special deal. Both the GSOP Online/miniGSOP (tournament players you DO NOT want to miss this) and GSOP Live are going strong too, check out the home page for details on there.

I've not been upto a great deal of anything interesting hence lack of blogs. I ended up missing Malta which was a huge shame as I was so looking forward to it, but the event was a huge success. Lots of teams in the team event and a great webcast by the PokerIdol team. Sadly neither of the UK players made any cash, but they really enjoyed their trip. Here are the girls outside the club and a preview of the new PokerIdol colour theme:

Have been spending a lot of time with Anna (give me another ahhhhhh!) which is brilliant. I enjoy every minute I'm with her and her cooking is amazing! She cooked for my friends the other night before we watched An Idiot Abroad (amazing) and it was really nice to properly introduce her to them. We took a stroll through the park (theres a bowls green there, surely no one will mind if I do an hours putting on there every now and then? its perfect and just opposite my house) the last day she was here and I must say it was amazing! Surreal, but amazing.

Check the PokerIdol jacket, what can I say! I know I don't look it in this picture, but I'm very happy here.

My poker chip collection is finally complete (for now). I have an amazing BCC Solid tournament set which I absolutely love. The 25,100 and 500 chips are Capone's and the 1K and 5K are Fun Nites. Even though they say something different on them, they're the exact same chip, which is fine for me as I love the colours rom each set.

Now to organise a game! Am going to try and get the Poker Project crew together again. It's such a shame when groups of friends break up for whatever reason. Mostly people getting on with their lives. I miss all my old poker buddies and all my old uni buddies! I try and stay in contact but it's so hard when you're working all the time. There's definitely not enough time in the year to fit everything in, but I really should make more of an effort. Was looking through my old uni pictures and this is definitely my favourite, what a cracking night out that was!

Look at the timestamp, nearly 4 years ago! What I've done in that time, and how time flies!

The business planning is still going REALLY well, I'm so excited about this. I'm writing formal business plan now and will then contact a few key partners to make the thing happen.

Sunday I'm off to 'Shuffles' in Portsmouth. They've very kindly invited me to play their £250 Main Event and I'll be writing about the club in my next GX Magazine review.

That's it for now and as always feel free to contact me.


Friday, 10 September 2010

New Blog: ExSITEd

Lots of pictures this week!

Last week was real busy as it was the last Malta Madness qualifiers. With most offering a decent overlay I was furiously looking for UK players to sign up. Sadly none won, but there are still the two previous winners and also at least one group coming out, so I'll have the UK army I wanted albeit small! I'm also going to be doing some commentating at this event to, something I've always wanted to do and something that will look great on the CV! I fly to Malta on the 20th and CANT WAIT. Sun and some drinking, really looking forward to a break.

We've also been getting opinions on our new clothing range. First one of our new hoodies, which do you prefer?

Me and the rest of are now pushing the GSOP V, which is OnGames WCOOP/FTOPS equivalent. They run two versions, the regular GSOP which is has high Buy-Ins and high Guarantees, such as a $500 Buy-In $500K GTD! There is also the Mini GSOP which follows the exact same schedule with events having roughly 10% of the Buy-ins and GTD. More info can be found here:

This year are also hosting exclusive qualifiers for the GSOP Live, a new tour spanning across Europe. Hitting some unusual places not seen on other tours such as Riga, Budapest, Malta and Seville, OnGame are really pushing the boat on this one. Expect lots of VIP treatment and the such. First event is in Riga and there is around $20K worth of packages being given away a week! Here are a couple of pictures to we your appetite:

Royal Casino Poker Room Riga:

Studio 69 where the welcome party is being held:

For more details see here:

If you've not yet played on then drop me an email to discuss deals!

Last week I was approached to contribute to 'Gambling Insider' magazine, a quarterly industry publication. What an honour! They were asking a few people from the industry how the potential opening of the US Market will change their marketing strategy. This my reply:

'Not operating our own network nor having any existing relationships within the US, the opening of the market presents us with as many problems as it does opportunities. If we were to apply for a standalone licence, we would need to partner with a software provider and the time and administration would be a great strain on our resources. Therefore PokerIdol is happy to continue pushing and solidifying itself as a unique brand within the European market, creating a USP that can translate to the US market in the future.

Chris Edwards, UK Country Manager,'

Real happy as only had 100 or so words to use. Great piece of work to add to the CV wall!

So, what is the blog title all about? Well I've been working more on my new site, and it's going to be great. I think having worked in so many areas of the industry and having spoken to so many people I know exactly what services will work well. Will also be nice to have something I've created myself. Will be launching it at the end of the year hopefully!

Also been working on another live event idea. I sooooo want to have a live poker event under my belt too. I put a little feeler out on FB and lots were interested. Determined to do one. Details at some point!

An old friend I used to go drinking with quite a bit posted something on FB the other day and others I used to drink with had replied, some I went to school with and others I just knew from the local 'scene'. I decided to look at their profile to see what they're upto and lots of them have deleted me! Now, I know I have at times been a bit spammy (this has changed recently after finding more effective ways to communicate with people) but this isn't a reason to delete someone? I was initially real mad but that didn't last long as I know they're all still doing what they did years ago and chasing crappy musical pipe dreams (not knocking everyone who does, but they suck) so that made me feel better. As the old saying goes, jealousy is the highest form for flattery!

Not played any poker over the last week as I've been ridiculously busy. I took the last day and a bit off to go see Anna, which is going great. Real happy to finally of met someone who is understanding of everything I do. I knew (and probably blogged) that finding someone would improve other areas of my life and I was right. Prepare yourself for a cheesy picture of us!

Awwwwwww I can hear you all saying! Thanks. We spent some time in Canterbury where she lives. Fun little town! The centre reminds me a lot of Europe as its quite old and rustic. Saw some interesting text-graffiti down a subway:

Wonder what state the author was in when they wrote that?!

My first poker chips arrived, BCC Capone's. They are SWEET! Definitely the best chips I've handled. Feel and look great. I decided to go for 'Solids' (no edgespots) as I love the look. I might get some edge spot chips at some point, for but for now these will do.

And there's me thinking I didn't have anything to write about! As always thanks for reading and feel free to contact me.