Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Blog: Domain

MONEY MONEY MONEY! In celebration of this blogs' name, here is a song of the same title, one of my favourites:


Maybe I should do what Gervais does and post a song during each blog? Does anyone like to hear new music? You'll get a decent variety with me!

So why the money chant? Well, when buying my last domain (www.readingpokertour.com) for my failed local pub tour I saw they were about to start taking order for a new one, '.co'. This is the Colombian domain, but it has a little more appeal due to being similar but shorter than .com

I decided to take a shot and buy a couple. I waited up till 4am one morning when they first went on sale and searched for all the key words, poker, sex, search etc.. but of course they were already gone. I decided I wanted one poker related one that I could possibly use and one sex related one that I could sell. In the end I bought www.internetpoker.co and www.livecams.co (on advise from a domain buying friend).

The total purchase came to around £70 for 2 years ownership. I'd actually forgotten about them until recently, when I logged into my hosting account and saw them. I decided to get the independently valued and was super surprised when I saw the results! Internetpoker.co was valued at over £800 and livecams.co over £1200! What a result!

I'm going to stick with the plan and sell livecams.co asap and keep hold of the poker one. I figure the sex internet market is so established it has little room to grow, so I can get rid of it straight away. The poker internet market, while saturated, still has room in it and of course it's nice to have backups for myself. The pages now have 'parked' pages for the seller so that people can make offers, however I'm not going to sit around, I'm going to push the livecams.co domain out there and contact various sex webmasters. Networking is what I do best and will hopefully be rewarded for it!

I didn't realise how many domains I own now! On top of the two listed above.

www.1tripz1.com - my main one which has all my webspace and forward to my blog.
www.slowdrone.com - which linked to my music but atm goes to blog too. Will find a way to stop a total domain redirect at some point.
www.readingpokertour.com - as I said before the failed (or not pursued) local pub tour.
www.pokrenews.com - cheeky I know! typed this many times when going to pokernews for WSOP updates so decided to buy it as it was available.
www.supportyourskin.com - This is going to be my revolution against the online poker monopoly. More soon.

Perhaps I'll get more into buying and selling domains, but I guess I got lucky with the two .co domains.

Played the APAT Stud and as expected I didn't enjoy it. DTD has never been my favourite venue due to feeling too much like a nightclub and being too big. The structure was really bad and quick, which did't allow for much play. I didn't make many mistakes, but a couple of lost pots meant I was quickly short stacked. Got it in with AJ6 against K77 and made Aces Up but he made 9's full on the river. Sick! Oh well, at least I got a picture of me wearing the new patch:

As expected it looks great. More importantly, it can be read from pictures! Home to see some more people wearing these soon. Decided not to play the HORSE as it's just too far to go for a crapshoot, when I could be home working.

PokerIdol Malta Madness qualification is almost over and I've decided to try and get a team together for the team event. If I can we'll be decked out in Union Jacks. Will be fun! Got a couple of guys interested but may do my own satellite to give someone else the chance.

New laptop finally arrived, it's great to be back on Snow Leopard and have a lightning fast laptop. The last one had gotten really slow (think I dropped it). Have installed the newest Beta of Adium and it is AMAZING. Has to be one of the best programs I've ever used. Facebook have now provided support for it and entering you account as a Jabber account, you now get all your friends offline or online. Coupled with my new toy Growl, this is such a powerful tool.

After my poker chips were stolen along with my car at the start of the year, I've finally gotten around to buying some more. I've gone the geek route, buying from private sellers on Chiptalk. I've bought some BCC's and have almost got a real nice tournament set. Will post pick when they arrive, needless to say I'm excited! Will have to set up a little home game when they're all here. Who's up for a game in Reading?

I feel sorry for some poker rooms, employing retarded social media marketing agencies. I've had several contact me asking me to 'help their clients'. When I don't reply, I get many follow ups. Finally I'll ask what's available and it will be something like $25 a quarter to place a banner for a poker room. ARE YOU BLIND? I ALREADY HAVE BANNERS! DOES THAT FACT THAT YOU'VE EMAILED ME AT CHRIS@POKERIDOL.COM NOT RING ANY ALARM BELLS? As soon as I tell them I work for a site then bam, no reply. I wonder how much these idiots charge.

The PokerIdol blogs are in full effect! Am adding more every week with some decent effort being put in by the guys. Am really excited about this project, so am going to give them some good news about increasing the deal they're on. Can't wait to do some travelling with these guys to live events! If you're interested in joining, click the image on the right.

That's about it for now. Thanks again for reading and as always feel free to contact me.

Monday, 23 August 2010

New Blog: Smashed

Must...Blog! God the time is going crazy right now, not enough hours in the day. Not helped by my sleeping being totally and utterly screwed right now after last weeks events.

After getting behind with my work I finally cleared the backlog on the 16th. I'd not been to the gym for a week or so getting it sorted, so I was looking forward to lifting some weights. I wrapped things up around 8:30pm, just as dusk was setting, and headed out.

I hadn't been at the gym for 10 minutes before I got a call, 'Where would your laptop be?'...'on the desk where it always is', 'Your window has been smashed and it's gone'. Yes, the ****'s had obviously seen my room from the street (only just moved in, should of realised I was on full view) and worked out which car was mine. They must of seen no one was in the other front room, smash and bang they're gone,

I'd never even though about it TBH as we have new double glazing, but of course all double glazing means is they do two smashes instead of one. Here's the scene when I arrived:

The worst part was not what they actually stole, but what was on it. Yes, I know, back up. I hadn't done it for about 5 months, with each month being busier than the last. The files weren't really the problem, anything I'd created and sent I can just ask to be sent back. The real problem was my iCal calendar which has run my life since February (see: http://1tripz1.blogspot.com/2010/02/ibrain.html)

I spent the night freaking out and not sleeping. The next day, overwhelmed with the rebuild project I had to undertake, I decided to take a couple of days off to prepare. What better way than with some poker! I headed to Maidenhead to play the £40 deepstack and enjoyed it, coming 20th of around 60. I'm really enjoyed the game again now as my game is back up to standard. In fact, I'm a lot less 'practised' as I once was, meaning I'm constantly trying new things and have upped my aggression massively. Sure, I'm going to make some mistakes, but it's all fun.

On the 19th then I started the calendar rebuild and it went much better than expected. What I thought would be a 2-3 day job actually took me just the one. I've lost data on everything in my calendar which I wont get back, but at least all the deals and dates are in. Phew. Working now on my old mac which was great as I kept my profile and everything installed, so could go right back to it. Will get the next one this week hopefully and transfer it all across.

Saturday I went and played the Rileys game and my game felt sharper than ever, winning some nice pots with lots of aggression. Got moved tables and in two coolers (TPTK vs set of maniac and AKs vs 55) I was quickly out, but am still happy with my game.

Sunday I attended an event called the 'Super Vs Battle', basically the biggest fighting game event of the year (www.supervsbattle.com) sadly I was there for a meeting (more on that soon) so didn't get to see it in full swing, but here are a couple of pictures anyway:

The main tournament stage

Practice area

Interesting to see just how good these guys were.

So start of this week is pure grind mode before seeing Anna on Thursday and then its the Stud WCOAP on Friday. I've been playing quite a big of Stud on PokerIdol, so am confident in doing well. Better than first out which is what I was in 2008! (http://1tripz1.livejournal.com/79739.html)

On a final note the first PokerIdol bloggers are up and running! Links are to the right and expect to see more of these guys very soon.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Blog: Patched

Going to be a quick blog this one. Since Stoke I've been getting my head down, burying myself in work. It's all going rather well at the moment. Ongame continues to grow and listen to the needs of their customers. All cash games are now 35bb minimum which is HUGE. Coupled with no waiting lists, I think the network is one of the top cash game options. Here is the uptick Ongame has gained recently:

At a time where all other networks have a downward facing line, this is really exciting. As always, if you want to try out Ongame, speak to me about playing on P

You may notice on the right a prototype for the 'PokerIdol blog team' logo. The blog team will be players of all standards who want to improve their game and increase their network of poker friends. Very soon there will be links under the logos to the new bloggers.

PokerIdols new merchandise is still un
der development, but the designs we've had are amazing. This is one of the many advantages of working with Scandinavians, they would rather pay a high cost for an outstanding product, even if its going to be given away. The merchandise won just be boring 'promo' gear, but fashionable products you'll want to wear out and about. Previews coming soon!

What has arrived are our new patches. What is a patch? It's the poker room logo a player wears on normal clothes. It will have a sticky back so it can be quickly applied. I LOVE patches, I think they look great. I worked for ages getting ours just right as they need to be bold enough for pictures. Here is a picture of them unboxed and comparing the new one to the older, smaller ones:

This has been a bit of a promo blog! Sorry about that. In real life things are going pretty good too. Am continuing to see Anna, in fact its gotten quite serious. Bit shy about it all to be honest (and who wants to read it) but having a decent personal live seriously improves the rest of your life for sure.

I've decided to start visually documenting my working life as you do pic up some interesting memorabilia along the way (patches, for example). I'm working on the Poker Icons section right now and it should be a nice thing to have on the wall when done. Will show that when done.

Played some horribly drunk poker last night at Deja Vu and lost 2-3 buyins. I always made it a rule not to play drunk, but I broke that a few times recently after it was the only opportunity to play and actually did ok. Last night was terrible though, playing tilty and rubbish. It always seems to happen when I hook up with Mr Loftstedt for a few drinks. We have a great time, he go home as he has normal working hours, I go to Deja Vu and carry on drinking and tilting. The difference this time though was I felt terrible about it, really disappointed in myself. I wont be doing it again.

The next poker coming up is probably the APAT WCOAP. I registered for the HORSE as soon as it came on sale and decided agains the others. However last week I checked to see what was left open and there were seats for the Stud. Having been the first out of the Stud in 2008, I signed up to see if my game has improved (I know it has as I worked super hard on it after that day, but would be nice to see it pay off!).

Other than that, my first article for GX Magazine will be out soon. More on that when published.

For now then thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New Blog: Stoked

Firstly, hello to all the new friends I'm meeting and adding on Facebook. I have become addicted to networking recently and am really enjoying chatting to new poker players from all over the country. Now to some poker...

When working last week I saw the hype about the event they had in Stoke. A one-day, £150 tournament with £4K added. Seeing that a few people I knew were going and the quick structure suiting my experience (not to self: learn deep stack MTT) I was eager to take a shot.

I headed to the local Maxims casino to Buy-In as it's a longish journey to miss out! The have moved the poker tables in there which is a real same. The poker room was definitely my favourite, I guess because it was the first one I ever stepped foot in. I remember getting there and thinking, yeah, this is me. Th
at was about 5 years ago now. Wow.

I then had the worst nights sleep ever. I have trouble sleeping it must be said. Not actually getting to sleep, but feeling the benefits from it. My dreams are always so intense that I wake up mentally exhausted. Anyone any idea what this means?

Anyway, tired but still raring to go I hopped in the motor and headed up. Easy journey and got the casino after about 2.5 hours. The casino was nice, real big in fact. I was then pointed towards the free breakfast buffet and took full advantage going up for thirds. If you know me you know I need to grow!

I then sat at my table and first and tried to scope my opponents as they sat. After a few hands it was obvious I'd gotten lucky, with the players all being regular 'casino' players. I'm sure you'll know the type. Not too tough and mostly fun to be around. Even the players who got moved to the table were all nice (apart from one lady, more on that later). It was definitely the most fun I've had playing poker for a while. Here is a crappy picture of me in full grind mode (in the shirt with the headphones on):

The poker itself was quite eventful. I'll go through the interesting tweets as I was posting relentlessly during the event. Thanks to everyone who commented and supported me.

The first note is the dealers were really hit and miss. As they were dealing with much bigger numbers than usual, they had to hire extra ones in or recruit other casino works who used to deal. A couple would stack the chips, including the blinds and antes and bets as soon as they happened into one pile. Very annoying when trying to look at players and keep up with the action. One made a huge mistake however.

In the later stages the blinds and antes were so big any pot was worth winning, especially with a couple of limpers. In one such pot, all players turned their hands over, one revealing A6 and the other revealing A10. The dealer declared A10 the winner and started to shuffle the hand and the flop. The A6 player still had his cards. We then all realised that as the board was JJKQ, it was a chop. The haggard old woman who was being pushed the chips straight away said oh well, I've won now.

The floor explained that because the dealer had 'killed' the flop (turning over the cards and shuffling them) that the hand could not officially be split. However she said the other player could give half as a 'gentleman's agreement'. The other player said no and mayhem erupted. Now, I'm all for taking edges over someone and capitalising on them. Heck, I've written many a unpublished article on pushing the boundaries of gamesmanship. However, in this instance, I do believe in both being sportsman like and in karma. As the player who lost out argued, she said 'well I remember you calling me with A7'. How can you steal someones chips as spite of a bad call? Mental.

They also had a rule that if you called a players river bet, you HAD to show your hand. Not if they asked, but it was forced. This is ridiculous.

Anyway onto some actual hands. Three of the looser players limped in and I had 22 on the button, so decided just to set mine as none would fold to a raise and no one had enough chips to get fancy. Four to the flop, it came 338 with two diamonds. It was checked to me and, figuring my hand was good but vulnerable, I bet. Each player too a long time to fold, looking at me confused and I soon realised it must of been a bad bet. I know I don't rep much, so do I just check back? I think one of my problems was betting too quick and making it look too strong.

The last player to act called and quickly bet the Jx turn. I simply couldn't give him a hand seeing as they all thought I was bluffing and I've seen a few people recently pull a OOP float when they quickly donk the turn, so I called, planning to call lots of river cards too. The 4c came, a perfect card and he quickly bet. I insta called and he showed AQ. That hand gave me a scary image I think as no one played back at me afterwards.

Think started getting short but I shoved a couple of big hands and got my stack back up. Then another hand came up where more loose players limped and I again did with Jh10h in the HJ. The flop came 910J with 2 clubs. The first player, who was real tight, bet and the next player who was super loose but not aggressive at all made a big raise. I was obviously torn between shoving or folding. I decided that I need not take the risk as I had such little invested. The first player folded J10o face up and the loose player showed 9T for the win. Sigh. I was quite tilted at the time, but don't really hate the play. I guess bottom two is the worst of his range there.

Went card dead again and with antes now in play I really started to dwindle. Then came the hand of the year. Forgetting the preflop action correctly, there were three of us all in with one other player folding half his stack. I was the shorty and because of that and the way things played out I thought my AsKc would be good for two over cards. No.

The first player had KK, the second AA and the one who passed showed JJ out of the muck. 4th best hand! In real dire straights, the dealer pulled out the clubs on the flop. Being the only person with black cards I was able to maintain my 5% chance of winning. The 8c on the turn continued giving me 5% (I thought these numbers were going to slightly increase, would of made it more interesting, but I've been working it out as typing). I don't normally get visually excited, but wow I was shouting for a club. The 2c on the turn was so sweet. YES!! I screamed, as the huge rail that had formed gasped in excitement. One of the best hands I've ever been involved in but it also reminded me I struggle with the emotional aspect of the game. I was propelled into the chip lead and felt chip drunk for the first time in ages, having to fold the first 2 hands half dark. Imagine if that was half way through the WSOP and not a £150 event? I think I'd have a heart attack. Here is the table shot as quick as I could take it. You can just make out the cards.

So with that excitement over, I then went pretty card dead and was just precision shoving. The blinds and antes took ever big increases, but I scraped the money and busted 30th/344 for £300. Not the £12K first prize, but still nice to win something.

Earlier on I spoke about my sleeping. I haven't felt the excitement I felt at this event for ages. Needless to say I slept great that night and after just 5 hours I woke completely refreshed, feeling better than I have done in about a year. Today was the same, feeling great when getting up early. Maybe my mind just can't cope with always working? Maybe I'm more competative than I think? I'm going to try and play more live comps and more league sports and see how much this actually helps.

Had two SOLID days of work so far this week. Have got on top of everything I'd let drag behind and can now continue to push PokerIdol. OnGame numbers have risen excellently since the new skin is fully migrated. As always email me (chris@pokeridol.com) for a private deal.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to having more poker content soon!