Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wrong move, buddy.

One of the things I hate most in poker is amateur know-it-alls. You know the guy I mean, he's never played online, but plays some crappy casino tournament every night. He has some retarded wisdom shared exclusively for live gamblers.

These guys don't really bother me until they direct their criticisms towards me. Now, of course I'm not the worlds best player, but I'd challenge most people on my knowledge of the game. Certainly any of these guys.

A few months ago I was checking out the new poker club that's opened near me and had one of these guys at the table . He was berating everyones play, talking about how good he was and generally being a c***. I was totally card dead, so never really got involved, but there was a big hand at the table with 7s6s versus Ks6x (lol I know) where it was AIPF. The 76 binked a 7 on the river knock the other player out.

The annoying player piped up, sharing his wisdom that the 76s was the favourite. Wat? The rest of the table agreed, but I had to tell him otherwise. This guy would not budge though, laughing off my reasoning with the sort of confidence top salesmen would die for. Wanting to make my point, I cracked out on my phone and but the hand in, showing him in fact the K6 was ~65% favourite. Here was his response:

'That is only pre-flop though. After all the cards are out, 76s is a favourite'

WAT?! How can you know that? What is your reasoning I asked him? 'It's just a fact, ask anyone' and again the rest of the table agreed. My god.

More recently, I was playing the small cash game I usually frequent. A player to my left was a complete novice, so was going by what the host, a real c*** (sorry to keep implying the word, I must be good at attracting these guys), said, which was a really bad idea as his knowledge is terrible. The novice made a raise and there was a flat call, with the host then shoving on the button (about 20bb's).

The novice insta-called and flipped his cards over, not realising another player was left to act. The host goes mental and announced that not only has this player killed his hand, he has to forfeit all his chips! What?! The poor novice accepts this but I had to defend him. I couldn't quite remember the rules, which only allowed the host to try and dominate me with his assured version. Him being in the hand obviously wasn't a factor. I since talked him down to the player being able to take his chips back, but losing his cards. Jeez.

On Saturday I played the Riley's game again and did quite well. Although small stakes, the game is so fun do to the completely unpredictable play. However, I was sat against the worst know-it-all I've ever met. I mean this guy would flash any suited hand before folding 'I bet that would win'. Then came a hand late in the game when a player was all in for 1bb in the BB. Two players including the know-it-all limped with decentish stacks and I found 88 on the button with about 4BB left. Now, for me, this is a totally standard shove, isolating the all-in player in the BB with and ATC range.

The know-it-all instantly berated me, saying anyone with half a brain would limp and the three of us could check it down to eliminate the player. What? Limp 1/4 of my stack and reduce all chances of winning? He went on about it for ages.

No real moral of the story here, just venting my hate as micro stakes games at the moment.

Had a good work week and there is some big changes possibly happening in PokerIdol which will only be a good thing. More about that soon but I'm excited.

Other than that, more work coming up. Taking a break from drinking so not much partying on the horizon.

Thanks again for reading.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Continuing the grind...

So I didn't go to Malta in the end. A real shame but I'll be there in September for the PokerIdol Malta Madness, and event I seriously recommend you check out. Sun, girls, free booze and of course some sick poker. What more could you want?

This blog is now going to be cross hosted on I first started chatting to the owner Ad last year when spotting a thread of his on 2+2 and contacting him. We did some stuff with the site for the Icons players which was cool. The site has changed quite a few times but I think they've got it bang on as a decent blog portal. Cheers for the invite, Ad!

If anyone else wants me to join their site do just ask. I love to write and from time to time can do some exclusive content for you.

Mentioning Icons, I finally got some money through from all my hard work at the 2009 WSOPE. Some exerts from my Twitter:

11:55 AM Oct 1st from TwitterBerry
Its all over. I'm going home.
4:45 AM Oct 1st from TwitterBerry
This is Epic. It's 6:10am, I am wasted from well deserved, but obv premature partying. Waiting on some huge phone calls. No sleep tonight.
10:11 PM Sep 30th from web
Getting punched in the face by at the absolute last minute. GREAT. Diregard my last update? Maybe :(
7:32 PM Sep 30th from TwitterBerry
I just signed one of the WSOPE final tablists (with a pre agreed sponsorship deal). Me. Me. Me. That is big money. Root for Markus Ristola. If he wins I will buy you a car.
I wont say exactly how much it was, but my grand total from doing that job for ~8 months is under £1k. Oh well, it was a crazy and fun experience and has given me the opportunity to be where I am today. Thanks Lars and Per!

Have played a couple of live poker sessions since my last post. One was the Deja Vu cash game, where I had another great winning session. Flopped top two and top set within my first three hands and got paid of both times, it really is an easy game sometimes! The game is sooooo loose and everyone expects you to slow play, so of course a very simple strategy is to fast play. Great fun!

I then played last night with the Phat Dogs which I used to play with every week. Those guys were a big part of my evolution as a player and it was great fun playing with them again. I ended up luck boxing my way to third for a mini cash, but it really made me realise how bad game still is against better players! Think I'll carry on playing the micro limits for now.

I've got into Big Brother this year. I liked it when it started as it was real interesting, almost like a scientific experimentation. The next few seasons were good as well as they had some different ideas on how to mess with the housemates. But as the seasons dragged on they just did the same stuff and threw a bunch of young, hormonal outcasts in there, waking them up at 8am making sure everyone was cranky. This years Celeb Big Brother was great, so I decided to give this one a chance. The housemates are still a little too 'out there' for my liking, but there are at least a couple of strong personalities with opinions I don't mind listening too. They seem to have gone back to basics and focused more on the tasks again which is fun. No early alarmclocks either.

So the plan for the weekend is to watch the football in a few minutes, having a quite one in though all weekend. I basically can't (and don't want to) drink right now, so taking some time to relax.

Once again thanks for reading and as always feel free to contact me.

Monday, 7 June 2010


Had a couple of poker sessions over the last week and they both went really well.

Tuesday was London for a couple of meetings and to catch up with an old school mate. Both meetings were good, but not sure what will come of them. Seeing Kate was brilliant, but after spending the whole day in the city I was really ready to come home! London is awesome, but I am not quite sure I could live there. Also, how people commute there and back every day is beyond me! Real champions!

Wedneday I went to watch Ed Lofstedt play. Ed is super talented and if you're into folk and/or acoustic, I urge you to check him out. I wanted to play the cash game at Deja Vu afterwards, but this time I drove in. Was nice to sit in the game sober! The night went well, winning nearly 2 buy-ins in around 4 hours. I got home and slept well and was able to work the next day. I do love my drink, but staying sober during the week is really important. You can have fun and not drink. Apparently.

Thursday and Friday were just lots of work. Friday night was BBQ, beers and PS3 at Marcs, I do enjoy the lads nights! Saturday I wasn't too hungover and heard there was poker at my local Rileys again. For anyone who used to ready my old blog, I used to visit there regularly a couple of years ago. While not having the bankroll to play the juicy cash game I always did well in the tournament. With all the old faces, this time was no different.

The structure was actually real good. We started at 3pm with 10k starting and 30 min levels. No one knew how to play deepstack so made tons of errors, which were easy to capitalise on. Not that I'm a deepstack master, but I understand all the important concepts. With about 30 runners, I got to the final table second in chips. Dwindled for a bit, but came back and ended up heads up with an almost equal chip count (I had slightly more). My opponent was one of the better players there and he wanted to play me heads up, but I persuaded him to chop. Declined the cash game afterwards as it was back to Marc for more of the same, with some female company this time.

Sunday I chilled and did some work and today has just been a big work grind. Got a new office chair, nothing epic (was £200 though!) but its made things much more comfortable.

Tomorrow will be a bit more work, but am seeing a friend for lunch then the guys for some drinks in the evening. Wednesday off to Malta to hook up with PokerIdol! Really looking forward to a couple of days abroad. Will be back on Saturday for a party and I'm sure lots of sleep Sunday.

PokerIdol has just released details on it's flagship event the 'Malta Madness'. I couldn't be more excited, this event will be televised and will feature not only a €1K main event, but a unique team event where you can chip dump, make substitutions and take time outs. There will also be a 6hr super decadent boat party hosted by Monster drinks. Gonna be sick. If you're planning a poker holiday this year, check out

Other than that, things for reading and as always get in touch!