Monday, 31 May 2010


Where does the time go?!

Monday and Tuesday were spend working my arse off before hooking up with Mr Ed Lofstedt for a drink. Ed is a great friend of mine I met at college a few years ago. He plays acoustic folk music, super high quality, so check it out.

We sunk quite a few pints and had a good laugh before he headed home to get some sleep for his normal-person job. I instead headed over to Deja Vu to play the cash game. For once I ran like god and it was great! I got Aces 3 times in about 20 minutes! I hit quite a few good cards and played quite crazy, taking full advantage of my rush. The night was quite funny as I carried on drinking, chatting to the random folks that turn up in that place. I got talking to one very 'street' young lady, who was educating me on macs funnily enough. She then went on about her boyfriend who steals peoples phone and promised if he comes around he wont steal mine. Cheers! I also found it hilarious to speak to her in a real prince-William style voice as she spoke in such slack tongued drivel. I laughed for most of the time, but she didn't seem to care.

Got home and slept at around 6am, feeling like shit the next day. This wasn't good production wise, so if I am going to play that game (which I will try too as its great and small stakes) I wont drink. Don't mind having a lay in on a school day, but I have to get up and get at least 8 hours work grind in!

The one bit of work I did do on Thursday was develop the Reading Poker Tour which is going to use a new live/online event model I've been working on. If Reading goes well, I can launch it in other cities. Will be great fun and pure value for the players, while very good business wise for PokerIdol too.

Friday and Saturday I worked during the day and chilled in the evening around Marcs house, playing Bad Company 2. Interesting game! Not just a FPS, but with lots of tactics too. Great sound design also, however a bit more care could of been taken with reverb time in small spaces, but I'm an audio nit :)

Yesterday I did a bit of work before heading back into town with Marc, Guy and my other school friends. We went to 0 Degrees which is fast becoming my favourite spot. Relaxed, funky and the crispest, freshest most ice cold beer as its a micro brewery. My mouth started watering writing that. I also had a pecking duck pizza which was amazing! Clare was on a budget trip, bringing out a bottle of rum in her bag to spike her own drinks! Not seen that in a while and I turned down the free rum to begin with. However, when we moved to the dirty land of the Purple Turtle I thought fuck it and started ordering just cokes to which she added about 5 shots worth. We left there around 1 and went to Deja Vu to see if there was any poker. None, so we had one more drink and a game of table football. We enquired of the strip club upstairs was open but it was shut, so we retreated at 3am. That is starting to seem like an early end to the night for me now, which is a little worrying!

Worked loads today which was pretty boring, not everyone can have a bank holiday! Going to get into bed soon and watch 'Daybreakers'. Been on a sci-fi tip recently, but been quite disappointed with what I've been watching.

Am in London all day tomorrow having meetings which should be cool, always nice to head to the city. Wednesday I'm going to see Mr Lofstedt play a gig and will no doubt end up in the poker game afterwards, but NO (excessive) drinking. Probably.

Thanks for reading and for all you poker players check out for some awesome new promos we're running.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Berkshire (UK) Young Professionals

This post to show interest in the Berkshire Young Professionals page on Facebook. For now, if anyone is interested in joining, you can mail me and I can put your name down for when it's running.

The idea of the group is to arrange networking and social events in the Berkshire (UK) area for young professionals.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Long week!

A solid 11 days since my last post. Blogging used to be a ritual I wanted to do nearly every day! Now I forget but needless to say its something I always want to do.

Last weekend was fairly quiet. I am leaving the partying for a while due to putting some weight on. When I go out feeling bloating with my clothes being tight I don't ha
ve fun. I need to get back to being healthy, this has really slipped over the last couple of months. I am eating well again and already noticing a difference.

I had a quite start to the week but Thursday saw me heading to London to play a 'iGaming' poker night at the new Bluff Europe cardroom at the Mint Casino. I love casinos, love poker and love meeting people from the industry, so was really looking forward to it.

The casino was quite quirky as its in the centre of a bunch of big houses, see the picture above. Inside its like a small maze! It was quite nice, although could do with a bit of a refurbishment. The new poker room was great though, with plenty of space for a decent little tournament.

I had fun chatting to quite people, some I've spoken to before and some I hadn't. The poker was a bit of a crapshoot, but fun all the same. The highlight was shoving in the dark and getting called by Gene Gioia of Real Deal Poker with 99, only to flop top two with J4o. Cut n shuffle wasn't any help that time! haha!

Although as a whole the casino was a little small for my liking (hey, I'm a giant), I'll definitely go back for any other industry nights that happen.

I spent Friday night with a new romantic interest and had a fantastic evening. Her name is Anna and I'm quite taken a back with her. Definitely going to see more of her.

Saturday I played some golf with some old poker friends which was a good laugh. It was at a local pay and play course that has a par 3 course. I was quite impressed, with some holes being really tough! I shot 34, 7 over, which I am quite disappointed at but hit the ball well, just missing puts. In the evening was BBQ and comp games at Marc's house.

Today caught up on sleep and did some work. Now off for a shisha and beer in the lovely weather.

Plan this week is to play lots of squash if possible, plus practice golf in the morning. Oh, and to crush work.

Have a great week all!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Grinding away

Not a whole load of interesting stuff going on. I must say, when I played poker regularly, I always had something to talk about. Still, a wrap up...

Last Thurs I played a squash league game, lost 3-0. The guy is really athletic and my fitness has gone right down. Its weird, although I was playing lots of squash and getting fit, I got lazy at the same time. If I couldn't play squash, I wouldn't do anything. Squash games are still quite scatty for me, so like it or not, I need to do other stuff. Fitness still plays on my mind and my happiness.

I got up early on Friday and went to hit some golf balls. That was great and I definitely need to do more of that, maybe throw in half an hour on the bike too. Low intensity morning cardio is supposed to be great, but its getting up early enough so I don't start work too late. Getting up is hard when you don't have a certain start time.

Friday night I had a CRACKING night out. I must admit, I'm loving the work all week and go out on a Friday. You feel like you've really earned it and really let go, then having a day off on Sat. Met up with my party guys, an old uni mate and his mate who is sound. We went for a Burrito, which was quality, and I drained 4 beers during. We then hit Ivory Lounge, but that was pretty dead, so only one beer there. Then it was 0 Degrees for a quality pint as they are a micro brewery.

After a few expensive bars we headed to Pavlovs Dog, a favourite student haunt. Not my top choice as I used to spend all my time there, but good for a few double rum and cokes. We then decided to hit The Afterdark, a dirty but popular back alley club just on the outskirts of town. The good thing about this place is £5 entry which gives a free double, then doubles are £3 all night. Over double that in some other central locations. The main reason I've never liked this club is it always played a) indie or b) 80's and I hate both. This time though it was a 90's night! Wow, all my moaning about hating 80's nights and wanting a 90's night, my dream came true!

They played some classic tracks that really took us back, I was seriously drunk, dancing and loving it. The place shut at 3am, but not wanting to stop I invited the guys and 2 of their friends we hooked up with to the casino. After blagging entry for the two who had no photo ID (its doable, casinos really want you in there) we settled down at the bar until it shut at 5am. Well and truly drunk, I got home at 6, watched Season 1 Episode 1 of High Stakes Poker (CLASSIC) and finally got to sleep around 8am! Great fun.

So yeah, Saturday I did nothing and Sunday I did a bit of work, before heading out for another Burrito in the evening, then for a Shisha and lastly some PS3 at Marcs house. Rest of this week has been work, slightly disappointing tbh as I've found it hard to get motivated. Still, am working through quite a lot, and when thats sorted will have plenty to do. The job does have its little slumps, but it always come through bigger than before.

Tonight I went on a date. I also had one last week now I remember. Both were shite. Run bad much with girls? Meeting them is no problem, but it never works out. Oh well, grind away ;)

Tomorrow is lots of work before a late night drink with a mate, then Friday more work before seeing a uni mate I've not seen for a while. Not sure how the evening will pan out, but I'd imagine (or hope) it was as good as last week! Sat will be a veg day and Sunday I may go play the Oxford Cup.

Thanks again for reading and feel free to get in touch.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Toon and Gloom

To catch up on things, last Saturday I ended up in town for a few ales. Sunday was my predicted big work day as was the rest of the week.

After hearing various reports on the time it will take me to get to Newcastle, plus the fact I always get a bit lost when heading to distant lands, I decided to head up on Friday. I left around 10:45, hoping to get up there just before 4 to miss rush hour. This wasn't to be.

Things were going Ok up until my first glimpse of the A-bloody-1. I say glimpse as that's all it was for ages, a huge traffic jam tailed out of it keeping me from touching the actual road for nearly an hour. Once on it, the horrible two lane highway was slow slow slow. This really needs AT LEAST another lane!

Now, when driving, I like to get my foot down and make my miles. This means when I need a piss, I hold it for as long as possible. Service station? Next one. Next one. Ok now I reaaaaaally need to go. The next one available was right at the end of the A1, about an hour out of Newcastle. I came off at the junction and instantly got lost in the maze of small roads. I ended up in some village and followed the Sat-Nav back to the A1. Got on it and realised I'd got on the wrong way. The A1 is in such a bad state, all of its junctions are closed, so I had to drive down pretty much the entire length to get to the original junction. I also had to pull over and piss in a bottle.

This added almost 2 hours to my journey as the traffic was getting thicker and thicker as we approached rush hour. It was a lovely 17:15 when I got to newcastle and it took me and extra two hours to get through the city. Great.

After my near 8 hour epic, I arrived in the suburb of Jesmond, a posh studenty type area. My hotel was called the Kenilworth and with the help of viewing Google Maps before I left, I drove round the back and parked up. I went through the rear entrance and followed the signs to 'Hotel entrance and bar'. I walked into the bar and the music was pumping! I went upto the bar and asked the pretty girl where I had to check in? Here! she said. A hotel where the reception is a bar? I like it already.

She took me too my room, a small but comfortable double room. Having not eaten properly all day, I grabbed a quick shower and headed downstairs. As I got down there, lots of students in ball attire were turning up, having a pre event party, so there were no tables for me to eat. Luckily my hotel was along a strip of many others, so it wasn't long until I found one with a nice restaurant and had posh fish and chips, which was great.

I then had a wonder around the village, what a great little place. I wandered into the shop, bought a few cans of Old Speckled Hen and a packet of Oreos and headed back to my room to watch some poker. Around 11pm the music stopped, so I assumed the party had moved on. I headed downstairs for a few more drinks and had a chat with some locals. I then headed to bed for a well needed rest.

On the Saturday I headed up to the casino fairly early, to see who was around. The casino is currently morphing from a Grosvenor to a G, so it wasn't in the best of condition. Finally the bus load of fish turned up and I finally got to meet the RTR crew! Its been, what, 3 years? The first 2 years I was a student with no money to travel and last year I was an agent with no money to travel.

The tournament went pretty badly for us, coming last with no points! I felt I played alright, apart from one key pot which lost me most my chips. Can't really be bothered to write about the hands as they were all fairly standard. After busting out, I started on the sauce and railed some of the guys playing another tournament or cash. We then headed back to the hotel everyone was staying in so they could all change and we headed to a strip bar.

This is my first time being in one for one reason or another (I've been to Amsterdam, so I basically skipped strip bars experience wise) but I hated it. Sure, the girls were mostly stunning and the place was nice, but the drinks were shite (£4 for bottle of fosters) and the girls hassled you so much. I want to chill with a decent drink and if I decided to have a dance, go at my pleasure. I got pissed off (and was pissed) so headed back.

Sunday I headed back to rail the two guys still in, Mr Dov and Mr Rubbish (did they bust out Saturday?) before they too exited the event. I wasn't drinking as I was deciding wether to stay that evening or not. News that my poor little cat had been put down and taking a bad beat from that side event made my decision. I said goodbye to the lads, headed back to the hotel and burned it home. Took me only 4.5 hours this time, with no traffic and no stops.

Was a quality weekend overall and great to meet he RTR crew. Looking forward to next time!